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When connected to my eero WiFi network, Facebook and Instagram photos do not download.  Once I disconnect from WiFi, the photos quickly download.  Anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it. Thanks in advance. 

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  • hmm eero seems to work fine for me.

  • I have the same problem.  It has been going on since at least December 2020.  I’ve reset everything, deleted FB and Instagram, reinstalled the apps, set Eero to default settings again but still FB and Instagram will not load when connect to my WiFi.  I am getting 200Mb WiFi speeds so I know it’s not the internet speed.  These are the only two apps that do not work.  If I turn off WiFi and go to LTE they load right away

  • Hello,

    I would like to work with you in resolving this. Can you verify if you have eero Secure? If you do, is it turned on? If it is and you turn it off will the photos load? We also may need to work more directly with your network as well. Another step is to go into your eero App -> Settings -> Software Updates and check if there is an update for your eeros. 

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,


    eero Support

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      • Ejargueta
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      This issue just started happening to me, I have eero secure and there is no new update. 

    • James Tried this & Issue is still happening.

  • Same issue, with iPhones and ipads

  • I also can’t get Facebook after I received a message that was titled Targeted Network Attack last night. Have had issues for over the last 24 hours. Tried everything suggested to fix the issue without success.

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  • Just installed EERO 6 yesterday. Can see Facebook on my phone & tablet (wireless), but not my desktop, Photos and posts do not load. Connected via ethernet to the gateway.

  • Some months ago I had to stop using my Motorola G Stylus phone on our Eero Pro network at home because Instagram would not work on it at all. One day it just wouldn't load images, so I tried our other wifi network and it works fine.  My wife uses the Eero network for all her devices, and our Sonos Audio system is set up on it, so I frequently have to switch to the Eero network on my phone to control the Sonos, but while I am on it I always find Instagram still won't load any images.  It's not an intermittent issue and has been going on for months.  I have hard reset the Eero, removed Instagram and reinstalled it many times.  Nothing I have tried has helped.  

  • Has there been any updates on this? Issue just started happening to me last month. Messages aren't getting sent, images aren't getting sent either unless i turn off wifi on my iPhone. Doesn't make sense to me.

    iMessage works but facebook messenger does not.

  • I may have found a solution. I went into network settings & turned off IPv6 & the links as well as photos are now flowing through fine again. Eero secure is still on as well. Let me know if others make that change & it’s successful as well. 

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