Search connected devices by IP address

Is it possible to search the device listing by IP address?

I have been trying to update the names of the devices in the listing but generally speaking the auto-generated names are not accurate. Today I had to click in several identically named cameras to find and name them correctly. It would have been much faster to hit a "find" button, type in the IP from the camera company's app, and then change the device name.

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    • eero_support
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello Jeck11,

    There is not a way to search by ip address. But what you can do is see devices that are connected to a specific eero. In the top of the app on the home page you can tab the status of your network, hopefully "Online", and it will expand the green area at the top down. You can then click on an eero and then on connected devices and it will show you only the devices connected to that eero.

    Hope that helps,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

      • James_Borris
      • 11 mths ago
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      James   That is dumb that eero does not have some of the simple features.   If there is a security issue and the attack or breach is identified by IP address you have no easy way of identifying the device.  

    • Jeck11
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Thanks but that doesn't really solve the problem either. I don't know which device is the one with the specific IP assigned to it so I also don't know what eero node it's connected to.

    • NCN8V_83
    • 4 mths ago
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    I know I'm way late to the game for this, but as of now eero has no answer for this... That said, I use Advanced IP Scanner for when I go to vacation rentals that provide WiFi. Scanning the network for obvious reasons.

    When setting up my eero network, I used this with a combination of native system app (Sonos, Alarm, Alex, etc) to compare the MAC addresses. Matching the MAC w/IP then pushing that info into eero. Takes a little work, but once done it's easier to label devices as they come online.

    Hope this helps....

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