[Eero Pro 6] Lots of speed drop-off, what could be the issue?

I live in a loft style open-floorpan 1500 sq/ft apartment, and I use the Eero 6 Pro pack in combination with a Netgear Nighthawk C7000 router.

The Eero base station and other 2 units are spread out over the apartment, and that combination (according to the Eero website) should be more than enough to cover a 6000 sq/ft location.

  • When I check my internet connection in the Eero app, it reports 825 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed on a daily basis.
  • When I do an online speed test next to the Eero base station, it reports 600 Mbps download and 14 Mbps upload.
  • When I do an online speed test in the other room (about 50 ft away from the base station, but literally next to one of the other units) it reports 180 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload, but it has drops way below that.

What I don't understand is how the speed drops so significantly. I already enabled IPv6, but what else could I try to boost the internet speed in the next room?

It's almost like it's better to remove the Eero's and use my router/modem instead, because with this drop-off over such short distance there isn't much advantage to use Eero?

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  • Hello Frankdj ,

    Welcome to the community! Right away I can tell you that having 3 eeros in a 1500 sqft apartment is way to many and is the most likely cause of the problem. Disconnect the two extra eeros and you should see a significant improvement in WiFi speed. Also, you will want to disable the WiFi on your Netgear Nighthawk C7000 router as well. Having all these access points in that small area is most likely causing traffic jams for the data trying to be sent and received. Doing what I suggested above should help out immensely.

    Give it a test and report back. I am almost 100% positive the problem here is that you have too many access points to close together. At 1500 sqft you only need 1 eero.

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