Eero 6+ nodes not reaching gigabit Wifi Speeds

I am getting 320 mbps download and 898 mbps upload on them on my ISP gigabit plan. Any idea why my download speeds are that low? I have 4 eero 6+ nodes connected via wired backhaul in my home. One of them is connected directly to the network box of my ISP. The other port of the gateway eero is connected to a Netgear unmanaged switch. From there, ethernet cables are connected from it to my smart home ethernet switch that connects to the other eeros in different rooms of my house. I have connected an ethernet cable from the network box of my ISP to my computer and I got the full gigabit speeds on it. So I know the problem is not my ISP. What should be the problem? I do want to add that I have the eeros in bridge mode because my ISP recommended me to do so because the ISP's network box can't be in bridge mode because the ISP told me that it needed to be in its current state because of the fiber's configuration.

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    How many devices are connected to your eero network in total, and by chance are any of your clients running bittorrenting apps?

      • robertovivas
      • 1 yr ago
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      thatsthequy I am sorry, do not know what you mean. What is bittorrenting?

      In total, I have about 20 devices connected to the eero network, which should be fine I think.

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