Network History is not an Advanced Feature of any router. Routers' log by default. Stop charging $10 for this. Fix this problem in 28 days.

Let's be clear: viewing your data usage on a router is not a feature. It's like calling Voice a "feature" on a Cell Phone, it's a requirement of the device to function, not value added to the product. You cannot have a cell phone without voice, and you cannot route internet traffic without logging. 


This issue makes the device useless for anyone on a metered connection. I'm sure many will find the same nasty surprise when their free trial of your subscription ends, and they're trying to check on their data usage.


Boom, poverty trap, either pay data overages to your ISP cause you can't check your usage, or pay Eero to monitor your usage. Either way, you're paying someone, even if you can't afford it :) 


You are sinister for that.


I will be removing the several mesh devices I have shortly if you do not remedy.  This pains me as I've invested +$440 into your ecosystem. Had I bought any other router, even a $40 one from a local Walmart, it would give me traffic monitoring, for free, for life.


I regret choosing Eero. I will at minimum never reccomend the product again. 


I can't reccomend this product anymore because your intentions are clear. Obscuring this information was a strategy to make money. Network usage statistics are otherwise freely available on any router or Surfboard, but you've restricted access for profit.


This confirms I made the wrong purchase decision. 


This is now how router ownership works. I bought the device and I own it now. I resent that you've removed default features, forcing a subscription, while increasing the price of your subscription. I paid once for the router, but you've made it to you cannot pay once for a lifetime license. This is a business design to ensure price increases can be passed down the customer, for any reason, at any time. 


Message recieved: jump ship. I'm hostage in your ecosystem.


I hate how you've forced me, and other customers, into a worse experience out of greed. You do not need more money. You especially don't need it for network stats. I've already paid you for my router. You do not need a perpetual $100/year or $10/mo forever, to let me view information my router, that I've paid for, already collects.


You can't justify the current user experience.


I told my significant other what was happening with our routers, and she was appalled. She wondered how this wasn't illegal. She said it would be like the Utility Company suddenly charging you to see your past bills, or view your meter. Or in my phone analogy, it's like being charged by the minute with AT&T, but your Samsung phone makes you pay them monthly to check your remaining minutes. 


I agree. It feels illegal, it feels like the blatant money grab that it is. That's how obvious it is to someone who doesn't even understand what an IP address is, so as mentioned, unless this is fixed, you're about to have an exodus.


Please, if you also agree, look below. I'm linkng my feature request I've made on the Eero Community Forum, so you can vote this post related to the Network Statistics Paywall. This way, we all can have a voice and inform eero that this behavior is unacceptable. 


Please support by voicing your frustration here, and upvoting my feature request. 



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    27 Days

    • WhyDidYouDoThis
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    I've now listed the devices for sale since my Verizon Wireless Access Point gives me more features, for free.


    I would otherwise keep my Eeros, but because the functionality of network history is behind a paywall, I will sell these devices making sure the next person knows what a detriment that particular experience can be.

    I will never use or recommend Eero again.

      • MiamiC70
      • 11 mths ago
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      WhyDidYouDoThis How did that work out for you. You showed them, LOL

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