Network History behind Mandatory Network Subscription (Eero has 30 days to fix this)

Attached is what happens when trying to view my network history in any other time scale than weekly. This is not a glitch, but Eero attempting to charge a (recently-increased) price for the pleasure of viewing my Daily or Monthly data usage. 


This makes the product useless to me now, as it would many others with rate limited plans. This is brutal as many of your customers, like myself, have bought into your mesh system, so I have over 4 products to sell if you do not fix this blatant money grab. 


Eero did not invent the procedure of viewing data on different time lengths. It's bad to first start imposing a required monthly or yearly payment... After you've increased the price last month... with no way to purchase a lifetime subscription. All together, it's mischievous and with bad faith.


Bluntly, Eero is being a bad company by hiding this information behind a pay wall when it can barely be considered a "feature". Logging is what network equipment does by default, and charging for it is almost sinister. 


Let's be clear: viewing your data usage on a Router is not a feature, it's a requirement of the device to function, and obscuring it was a form of strategic development meant to obscure otherwise available information, for profit.


That's why I have responded with a countdown until I remove these devices. You have 30 days to release a fix for this issue. I refuse to let you "profit" off of obscuring such basic information.


Rest assured when I sell the device, I will be honest as to my experience. 


Do the right thing and allow all users to view their data usage on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. There is no reason to charge for that, as logging is a fundamental feature of networking equipment. You are rather lame for charging money for that.


Unless you can explain how you've invented the premise of viewing network statistics in different timescales, you cannot justify that as a "feature" and must reverse course before I sell all of these devices. 



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    I couldn't agree more. Putting this behind a paywall is a horrendous move. We should all have access to this information as it is needed. I believe Eero is the only company that puts this behind a paywall. This is the first time I have ever experienced my data logs being unavailable without paying and I have had many router brands over the years.

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