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I’ve contacted support twice now with no luck.  I’ve got gigabit internet with with a consistent 750-900 Mbps wired speed. I have bridged the ISP router and have the eero connected directly to modem. I also have 2 beacons connected all within 30 feet for each other. My wifi speeds on multiple devices (9) will not receive speeds over 100Mbps. Even within 5 feet. I need some help as it’s been very frustrating. If I disable the eero and connect to my 5G ISP modem I receive at least 600Mbps.  I love how great everything meshes so easily I just wish I could figure out our to get better speeds.  Thanks in advance for all help! 

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    • pfernbach
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I was also very frustrated with the slow speed when connected to the uverse pace modem. I have discovered that the ethernet port on the router that the EERO was connected to was only running at 100mbps and that the other ports were running at 1000mpbs. After switching ports the wifi started running at true gigabit speeds.

      • draymond
      • 2 yrs ago
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      pfernbach I will get much higher in some parts of my house so I don't think it is the port. It is just strange that it drops off so much in some areas and it doesn't make much sense either. I mean I have placed these devices into every conceivable spot in my house. Now if I am right on top of the device then wifi can get up to around 300 mbps up and down but it drops off extraordinarily from there. I think it is that these devices have poor directional or no directional signal control where as Netgear and Linksys have great directional control and so the satellites don't interfere with each other as much. That was the theory at least that I got from support that these devices were interfering with each other. Again the main benefit of the Eero for me is the software if Linksys improves their devices software then it is a no brainer. The overall stability improved by rebooting the devices once a week now it seems to be reasonable a little better than Netgear and Linksys in that regard. However, when I first started using the Eero is was rock solid so where it disappointed in performance it made up for a little with stability but updates have made it less so but still acceptable to me so far after 2 reboots.

      • Cmp
      • 2 yrs ago
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      draymond  I get around 200-300 on my wifi5 eero pro I was told it  not the router. But I should get full speed I got the charter gigabit plan.

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