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I’ve contacted support twice now with no luck.  I’ve got gigabit internet with with a consistent 750-900 Mbps wired speed. I have bridged the ISP router and have the eero connected directly to modem. I also have 2 beacons connected all within 30 feet for each other. My wifi speeds on multiple devices (9) will not receive speeds over 100Mbps. Even within 5 feet. I need some help as it’s been very frustrating. If I disable the eero and connect to my 5G ISP modem I receive at least 600Mbps.  I love how great everything meshes so easily I just wish I could figure out our to get better speeds.  Thanks in advance for all help! 

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  • Hi, Groz – Thanks for taking the time to reach out, and sorry to hear about your concerns here. The eero system should definitely be capable of giving you speeds on par with your ISP equipment: 500-600mbps is definitely possible on eero! 

    With the issues being ongoing, I think it's worthwhile to see whether the issue might be with the hardware itself, or with some other aspect of the placement or environment. In order to fully test the performance, I think that one important thing to try would be to power down all but the primary eero and testing your speeds next to it – if you see the full speeds you should be seeing, then you know the eero is working correctly, and then we can evaluate the placement and the environment. If the speeds on that eero, however, are lower than expected, then we might need to evaluate the performance and functionality of that eero in particular. 

    I encourage you to give that a try and then shoot us an email to support@eero.com with "Community" and my name in the subject line and I'll make sure that we can have a senior specialist take a look and follow up further with you so we can get things up and running to the level you expect. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out to us, and welcome to the Community. We look forward to hearing from you further!

    Drew, eero Community Team

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  • Same exact problem here. I too have AT&T fiber 1gigabit service and have bridged the ISP router (IP Passthrough so the eero gateway has an external IP address). I called once and was given a more or less canned response to set my eero configuration to bridge mode. I had a marginal speed increase (~10-15 mbps repeatable) that was not worth losing all of the other eero features.

    I have never seen anything more than 200 mbps up or down over Wifi using 2nd gen 3 eero pro configuration. My wired speed tests are all above 800 mbps up and down.

    No matter the amount of troubleshooting. It is very disheartening. I know the iPhones and laptops all have wireless (802.11ac) that can do much higher than that. I am of course still not expecting wired speeds over wifi but I would be happy to get closer to hitting the 802.11ac cap. 

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      • Groz
      • Groz
      • 8 mths ago
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      alz0rz it’s sad actually.  I’ve tried everything they’ve asked as well. Emailed now even the email support isn’t responding to my request.  I would expect to get atleast half of wired speeds.  I have 2 nvidia shields within 8 feet of each eero and they will connect to 5G but eventually drop to the 2.4G. Wish Eero had better support 

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  • Same issue here. Just upgraded to gigabit FiOS and now eero network is inconsistent.  Some times 400 and sometimes 100.

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  • I have same issue. New to Eero, have 1Gbps AT&T Fiber. The highest speed I see on my laptop (6 months old, maxed out RAM, upgraded processor) is 350 or so. I have the AT&T Modem with WiFi turned off...and Eero Hub plugged into it.

    Any ideas?


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  • Same here.  Just got the gen 2, 3 pro setup and have over 900 down.  On the secondary units I get 100 plus.

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      • Xsquid
      • Mi vida es un toda Madre
      • Xsquid
      • 2 days ago
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      Xsquid Just found out it’s both add on’s.  The primary is fine.

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