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Congratulations to eero. Not terribly shocking to me that they got acquired but still kind of a bummer. Acquisitions usually don’t result in being a good thing for the customers of the pre-acquisition product. I’m also not a big fan of Amazon’s privacy functionality. At least I know my current eeros don’t have Alexa built in :)

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  • Dang, I just purchased a 2nd gen Eero, two Beacons, and signed up for Plus. Also purchased an Eero and Beacon for a family member because I was so impressed. Holding out finally judgment but my gut reaction is not good. Can’t see the same privacy or excellent support remaining the same.  

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  • So, what is the alternative?

    I just bought eero products because Apple stopped making routers.

    Now what?

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  • And...........they just lost me as a customer

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      • Abmet
      • Abmet
      • 4 days ago
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      Iceman 21  I just invested $600. Can’t say I would have done that if knew Amazon was buying them. Guess I’m now in wait and see mode. 

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  • Yeah, pretty bummed about this. Do not want or need Alexa in my Eero system in any way, shape, or form.  Just want it to continue to  "just work" as it has since I bought it. Was going to replace my parents router with an Eero setup, now that's on hold. Wish Eero could have thrived while  staying independent. 

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  • This is actually great news!  Amazon is a company that acquires and innovates, not shutters.  With Amazon at the helm, they have the resources and the tech to take the anemic eero Plus solution and actually make it something worth using.  Certainly by gen3 I would have to believe we will see new branding in place and more integration with Alexa and ZigBee for smart home integration and control.

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  • I don't see this as a bad thing at all because the developments in software don't seem to provide the most requested features. Assuming it's a resource issue, Amazon should eliminate that. 

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  • Well they can add me to the list of another lost customer. Back to  Netgear :(

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  • I find it amazing that people have decided to vacate the platform without knowing what is going to manifest from this buyout. I'm reserving my opinion and delaying my decision until I see what will come about. I've been disappointed that a request was made 2 years ago followed by hundreds of seconds that due to internet providers enforcing data caps, we need to know what our total monthly traffic is and ideally know the monthly data usage at the device level. But there's been nothing from eero in this regard. Additionally, eero plus offers no real benefits. The eero hardware is great and the software has been very stable for me. But there needs to be more software functionality and more configurability. Amazon ownership may expedite this. Then again, they may prioritize stuff I don't need, want, or care about. Right now, nobody knows. 

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      • NB33
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      Mgreer316 I think this reflects fatigue that people have with mega-corporations having access to so much data about our daily lives. I have explicitly avoided Google Wi-Fi due to this and am considering jumping ship from Eero also after this announcement. I'm not going to unplug everything today; however, Eero team will need to be super clear as to what this means regarding telemetry and data accumulation. There are many many people that are stating they plan to jump ship on Eero subreddit, for example.

      It remains to be seen how this pans out; I am definitely ready to leave.

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  • I’m definitely waiting to see what happens before making any decisions.  Hopefully they will be allowed to continue with the things that helped me decide to invest I their products but with more resources to innovate and improve. 

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  • If Prime members get Eero plus for free, I will be thrilled.  Taking a wait and see viewpoint...

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    • rcooked Or if they're just more active in development in general.

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  • Well i own ring devices and blink cameras, prior to both recently being bought by amazon.  So far everything’s working well, no changes in support or functionality. So far, so good.  I hope it stays the same withEero.  

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