I had an issue connecting my printer via the network.  I finally called support and was taken aback by the fact that tier 1 support had access to my network.  that bums me out.  like the ring guys checking video feeds from ring doorbells, wonder if eero tier 1 can sit with Wireshark and sniff my network.  Of course they'd NEVER do that, right?  Does this concern anyone else?

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  • I certainly could be wrong, but I wouldn’t expect that they have that level of access to where they could run packet captures on your network.

    They certainly have access to see your eero devices and what devices you’re connecting to them.

    I’d recommend reviewing their privacy policy (https://eero.com/legal/privacy) and emailing them with any concerns or questions (privacy@eero.com).

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  • Hi,

    eero's security team here. We developed our own support tools at eero that give our customer support team access to some of your network information in order to help them debug problems with your network. This information is similar to the data you'll see the in the app, such as connected devices, signal strength, and speedtest data, as well as your account details so they can verify that they're talking to the right person. One big exception is that our tools don't allow anyone to look at your network password. If you forget that, you'll have to reset it – there's no way of convincing someone here to give out a password by phone or e-mail. All of this is governed by our privacy policy.

    There's definitely no way our support team, or even our engineers, can run Wireshark or tcpdump on your network, nor is there any kind of remote access, nor any monitoring of your Internet activity. These would be horrible anti-features that generate a ton of work for the security team to make sure that people aren't abusing that level of access.

    Even the data we do expose to customer support is fairly sensitive, so all of our staff are trained on how to use these tools, the importance of privacy, what Personally Identifiable Information is, etc., and we don't use that support data for any reason other than supporting your network.

    We're always thinking of ways to further protect customer privacy and we have some neat things planned that we can't talk about yet, but for now we feel good that we're only exposing the information to support staff that's absolutely necessary to help keep your network running if you have any problems.

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  • I would like to be in control of your access to my network. Any chance that in future builds, a process can be implemented whereby we can give you access only when we need your help?

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  • We've discussed this type of feature internally before, the security team thinks it's a great idea. As always, we don't comment on future features or dates, but we are aligned in our thinking.

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      rchahin thank you!

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