Announcing Amazon Alexa skills for eero!

Hey eero community!

The Amazon Alexa skillset for eero is now available! This means you can now control several features of eero with your voice.

Here is a breakdown of the current skills:

This is just the beginning. We'd love to hear what other types of commands the eero community would love to see in the future! Jump into the discussion and let us know what types of skills you'd love to see from eero and Alexa!

If you need any help with getting started, visit our Help Center.

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  • Reboot for all the Eeros and individual Eeros would be nice. Sleep mode for the Eeros too; I.e., when not used for a set period of time the Eeros go into sleep mode and wake up on demand. 

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  • Paired up Eero to Alexa using skills and code. It's enabled. No matter what command I try with Alexa (using your chart of commands) - it doesn't understand the word eero. Any ideas? (running 2.0.0 eero and 1.30 iOS app)

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  • Disable and then re-enable the Eero skill. Try voice training Alexa by going to Settings>Voice Training in the Alexa app. Unplugging Alexa for 60 seconds may also help. 

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  • Hey  ravedog — Did taking the steps provided by Richard1864 resolve your issue? If not, could you provide us with a screenshot of what Alexa is identifying you as saying when you attempt to use the skillset?

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  • Just enabled the feature and tried it on my Echo and it works like champ!  Pretty cool

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  • Richard1864 sorry for the delay. I disabled the skill and set it up again and it works! Most of the channel Mande are geared towards profiles so I look forward to more commands to be added in the future (like speed testing or diagnostics). Thanks for the help!

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  • ravedog I'm glad it worked for ya! It will be fun to see what else Eero will add to the Alexa skill for us!

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  • I would agree with ravedog as it would be great to be able to say "Alexa, ask eero what is my current internet speed?"

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  • Or Alexa, have Eero run a Network Health Check

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  • Or Alexa, have Eero run a Network Health Check

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming!

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  • It would be nice to be able to enable / disable guest network

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  • It would be nice if Alexa understood eero

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  • WhiskerBiscuit —

    If you open the Alexa app, could you share what Alexa is hearing you say instead of eero?

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