Known Issue with WiFi Cameras?

Specifically the ring Video Doorbell pro and blink XT cameras.  My network was working fine, then today both these cameras went offline.  Although they showed connected via the eero app, they weren’t responding.   Additionally, the blink camera IP address was blank.  I had to re-sync the ring doorbell WiFi and the blink module and it’s up and running now. I’ve never had this problem with AMPLIFI HD.  Anyone have issues with devices disconnecting from your network?  

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  • A common tip for eero networks that can help stabilize device connectivity is to assign an IP address reservation for the device:

    Network Settings > Advanced settings > Reservations and Port Forwarding > Add a reservation

    Also, I have 3 Nest cameras and a Nest doorbell camera that never have issues—even without a reservation.

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      cMoo92 used to have big problems with the outdoor Nest cams. Placing the leaf node near as possible to the outdoor cams, and doing IP reservations really helped. (Should be noted this occurs with most routers. Not just an eero thing with the cams.)

  • Thanks for the reply but these two devices were working fine.  Then suddenly it’s not.  I also check the settings for my ring alarm which is Ethernet to wireless eero router which is wireless to hardwired Eero Gateway and the alarm disconnected from WiFi and on cellular backup at 230 this morning then back to WiFi 2 hours later.  


    Also my blink XT cameras seem to be offline again.  I can view it manually but it’s not detecting motion or sending me notifications.   

    Didnt have these issues with Velop or AMPLIFI and if this keeps up, the Eeros will have it go back although I really want to keep it over the other two mesh routers.   

    • Chi7 talk to eero support. eero is a pretty stable and reliable product and this isn’t normal behavior. Support is the only ones who are going to have access to the information and systems necessary to try and identify the issue.

  • So I spoke to Jack at eero but I wasn’t home at the time.  I still wanted their insight and jack was a pleasure to chat with.  

    When I got home, I installed the latest eero update, and add the ring video bell and sync module jack to my home network.   It’s been about 6 hours now and so far has been still stable.   Motions are coming in.   Notifications coming in.   All other devices have been solidly online,   


    Crossing fingers.....

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  • I just bought NETVUE Orb Cam, and I haven't been able to set-up with my Sonic Eero wifi.  I don't find Netvue on the list of eero device compatibility list.  Should I return my Netvue?  Or it is possible to set it up?


    Not sure if this thread is still active, but hopefully someone else will stumble on to this post and have the same success that I did. I have always experienced issues with live view performance on my Ring doorbell and Ring floodlight camera. When I would try to view live video I would get a black screen, or heavily pixelated black and green screen and a message that said my signal strength was too low. I was still getting alerts and the recorded video quality was ok, so I just let it go. 

    Today I found some port numbers listed on the Ring support page here. 


    I added port forwarding in the EERO app for ports 15063 TCP/UDP for one camera and 15064 TCP/UDP for the other and BINGO! My live view is now working for both my cameras, it isn’t instant but after a few seconds it loads and seems to stream fine. 

    Hope this helps someone, I created a login just to post about this issue. 

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  • You were great and everyone received so much from your experience and knowledge
    Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.

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  • RIGHT ON Shelton,  I had the pleasure of going thru 3 Ring devices over a period of 3 consecutive years with a best can do of 3 seconds of video thru my Ring Pro with Chime Pro extender.  Finally got someone who vowed to fix my problem or provide a full refund. He researched my model# of Motorola/Arris Gateway and had me add in about 5 reserved ports to allow the 5 different types of data streams that are sent outbound back to the Ring Servers. 

    That fixed the problem permanently (this was about 4 years ago).  The level 2 guy wanted to give a last try to fix my problem (as Ring upgraded me from a Ring 2 Doorbell to the Ring Pro and it still didn't work).  Apparently some of the newer Gateways and newer gaming Gateways will cut off upstream transmission when it does not recognize the data stream (e.g. encoding or purpose), so to get around that, allocated 5 ports to solve that problem!  

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