Real Speed Test differences?

So, trying to decide whether to keep the Eero Pro 3 pack, or the Amplify Mesh HD systems. Both work well in my house, but a couple major differences is apparent speed..

On the Eero, using the built in speed tests, I get 600-800 meg download tests on my one Gig Internet Connection; However, using the Speed Test App, on either my note 8 Android phone or windows, the speeds register ALOT slower, in the 60-100 meg range.

Doing the same with the Amplify mesh HD system, I get 350-400 meg downloads on the Speed Test App, on my Note 8 phone, or my Windows PC, versus the 60-100 megs that app shows using the Eero system.

So, the question is, which system actually gives faster wireless speeds, in the REAL world? Is the Eeros built in speed test flawed, with artificially inflated speed tests?

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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  • What speed results do you get if you hardwire your computer into your gateway eero?

  • hardwired, I get the proper gigabyte speed..

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    • wase4711 ok, well that’s good to know. You should probably reach out to eero support to diagnose any possible wireless issues.

      Also, maybe I’m misreading your original post but it sounds like maybe you misunderstand the eero app speed test. It’s only testing the speed from the gateway eero to the internet. It’s not testing from your phone running the app. 

      I would also recommend trying a different speed test service to compare as well. Netflix’s fast.com is an excellent one, and backblaze.com/speedtest is also usually accurate in my experience.

  • thanks; my real question is what actual speeds is the Eero providing to my devices in the house, ie, cell phone, tv, etc?

    I know its getting the full speed to the Eero itself, but, in the real world, its important that the devices in your house, ie, tablet, phone, tv etc are getting fast speeds sent to them from your router/mesh network..

    • wase4711 correct, which is why I’m recommending you try some different speed test services. If you are consistently getting sub 100Mbps to your various devices, reach out to eero support to see if they can provide an explanation since they have more in-depth access to your equipment/network. There’s a ton of variables with WiFi that can make troubleshooting through this online community pretty difficult.

  • good point; although, when I was testing the Orbi's, I got 300-400 mb speed on my devices, as I did with the Amplifi Mesh; its only the Eero setup that, for some reason, is giving super slow speed while running speed tests on my devices..

  • thanks; when I called into support, they didnt say a word about a firmware update; they actually had no answer for me as to why the speed is so poor to my devices..

  • I have tried and used both systems:  I bought three Amplifi HD routers and meshed them together.  I have lots of devices - currently well over 80 - and the Amplifi system could not give me more than 110-120 Mb/s internet speeds (service is 300 Mb/s) at the two satellite locations, wired or wireless, with all clients on the network.  With only a handful of clients logged in, the Amplifi HD even with one unit has surprisingly good range and I got nearly 300 Mb/s 40 ft away, but with the network saturated it dropped by two-thirds.

    Eero easily does double that with the three regular Eero 2nd gen units (not Beacons) I have set up now in a wireless mesh with a fully loaded network.  I get 200-230 Mb/s at both remote nodes with wireless PC connections.  I found the Beacons are a good 25% slower in throughput speeds than the regular second-gen Eeros; I seldom exceed 150-160 mb/s or so on them, so now I just use the three Eeros.  I recently moved one of my two Eero remote units to a more straight-line location from the gateway Eero about 45 ft away, and I am getting 270-300 Mb/s connecting my iMac to that remote node via ethernet.  I am THRILLED.

    Short answer - I have used and tested both systems and Eero is MUCH faster with a full device load.  Amplifi is a good system with a refined app, just can't handle a complex network the way Eero can.

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