Slow upload speeds with Eero Pro 6E connected through an AT&T Fiber Gateway

My fiber connection is operating at full symmetrical gigabit speed according to the AT&T gateway, and my Eero Pro 6E gateway is connected by ethernet to the AT&T gateway. The Eero app reports full download speeds of ~950Mbps, but upload speeds hover around 40Mbps (sometimes 22Mbps, sometimes 60Mbps). I have tried all manner of configurations on the AT&T gateway including turning off the firewall, having the Eero use the AT&T gateway's IP address, toggling IPv6, etc., but nothing I do to the AT&T gateway fixes the issue with the Eero's upload speeds. And other devices operate at full bidirectional speed when connected directly to the AT&T gateway by ethernet. Only the Eero gateway is upload bandwidth-limited, and all of my devices connected to the Eero system are affected. I need a mesh system and cannot simply rely on the AT&T gateway. And I'm not sure my issue has anything to do with the AT&T gateway, it might just be a problem with the Eero.

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  • I have the Pro 6 model and also ATT Fiver I get about 950 down and 100 up when I do a test from the Eero gui. BGW210 is in pass through mode. Until recently I was getting 950 up and down. I think is just a display issue as my wireless devices get around 600 up and down, wired is hired. 

  • Same issue here.   Just upgraded from Eero Pro to Eero 6E.  Speedtest on the Eero app show 900/20.   Speeds on the Eero Pro were always 900/900.    Speed test from wired devices on the network are 900/900 and wireless iPad is 275/250.   All expected - except the 20 up showing from the Eero speedtest app.   I suspect everything is working fine, but the incorrect upload speed is bothering me.  The Eero 6E is connected to an AT&T Pace 1GB router.

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      Jimstalder To clarify, my speedtests were done with those devices connected to the Eero6E (and not directly to the ATT router).  All devices connected to the Eero 6E show the expected speeds.   Only the Eero app on my phone is showing the slow upload of 20.

  • Following this thread.

    I just installed my newly purchase eero Pro 6E over the weekend and I am also seeing the same download/upload stats reported from the eero app.  This is really strange and weird.

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  • yep.... still happening to me. 952 down and 73 up via the Eero app on my iPhone. However, 900/900 on any connected device when I go to speedtest.net or most any other common speedtest website. So, I think I'm getting full speed, and feel that Eero must have a bug in the Eero app using the integrated speedtest on the function 6E.

  • Count me in.  Having the exact same issue everyone else is describing.  Upgraded to the 6E and upload speeds, per the Eero app speed test,  dropped to less than 100 Mbps.  Tests through other GUIs show everything looks good 900-1000 down and up.  

  • I'm also having the same issue and it is driving me crazy. Unlike others in this thread, the slow upload is not limited to the speed test in the Eero app. Even external speed tests give me the same result. Very frustrating!

    (the 2nd screenshot was taken on a mobile phone so the download speed was lower, but the upload speed still doesn't even break 50)

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    • kruegerb not to long after my post I started to see the same thing.  I also discovered running a speed test thru that ATT smart home app or whatever it’s called wouldn’t even complete most of the time.  It would make it thru the download portion fine but would hang up and eventually bomb out of the upload portion.  I ended up yanking the power from the ATT modem and my main eero a handful of times.  For no particular reason I reset the IP via the modems web interface during one of the power cycles also.  I have no idea if any of that actually did anything but I’m back to slow upload only showing on the eero app.

  • Well I found one way to fix it.  Upgrade to the 2 gig ATT service lol

  • Outofthebox  Did you get a new router as a result of the 2GB upgrade?    I’ve been wondering if the PACE 5286AC is the culprit here, since I’ve had a lot problems with Voice-Over-IP and Eero - even before my upgrade the Eero 6E family.

    • Jimstalder yep, they swapped my 5268 for the BGW320-500.  

  • I'm having same issue.        When I test using the AT&T Fiber Router (

    Ver 3.20.5


    I get ~950 up and down.

    When I switch to my Eero 6+ on ethernet is get ~950 download and various uploads from 300-500 and sometimes ~950.       I was told by support that if I went from Eero 6 to Eero 6+ my wifi speeds would goto 1gbps and the most I see is around ~500-600mbps download.      I am using the ethernet backhaul with new Cat 7 cables.     Yes I think there is definitely an upload issue with ALL the Eero 6 routers that needs to be fixed and I wish we would be able to manually change the Wifi channels as Eero 6+ often overlaps with neighbors wifi routers when it is NOT supposed to.

  • I’m having the same issue but it’s only in that eero app, it has to be a bug as my upload speeds are 900/900 on my devices connected to the pro 6e

  • Same exact issue. Slow upload but pretty close to 1g/down

    • Kibarrow yes I am pretty sure it’s just a bug with the speedtest in the eero app

  • No definitely not. I use every speed test from device. NOT from the app. 490Mbps dl. 78 Mbps ul. Multiple devices. Fast.com, Xfinity, spectrum, speakeasy, etc.

    When I use the app I get the same results. As thoughts that’s all it’s capable of. This is lot of bugs… I only noticed because I flipped the eero over to fiber. It’s spent its entire life :-) on cable with spectrum. But on fiber the upload suffers. 

    • Kibarrow so this is a different issue then, this thread is about the eero app saying it’s slow upload speeds but all the speed tests on the devices connected are fine, I would open a ticket with eero for your issue 

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