Can I use a switch with my main eero 6+ mesh router?

I have 3 eero 6+ mesh routers.

The first eero router (let's call it the main eero router) is connected directly to my Modem via a network cable.

Now I want to connect the other two eero routers to the main eero router via network cable as I think that a wired connection is more reliable comparing to a wifi connection.

But the main eero router has only one free RJ45 port left. How could I connect the other two eero routers to it?

I think of connecting an Ethernet switch to the free port of the main eero router and connecting the other two eero router to that switch. But would it work?

Would this affect the speed of those two eero routers as they would be connected basically to the same port of the main router?

If this is a good idea, which switch would you recommend?

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  • You can do exactly as you suggest. The main Eero connects one port to the modem, the other port to a switch. The other two Eeros then connect back to the switch. Any switch should work well, you don't need a smart switch as the Eeros are not capable of VLANS. I tend to favour TP-Link or Netgear.

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  • My setup is the 'main' eero connected to modem. Then I have another using as wifi connected and the third connected to a switch.

    My hue bridge and smart alarm hub stopped working when connected via the switch - so beware of this. I had to plug in the hue bridge and smart alarm directly to the eero not the switch for them to start working again.

    Also if you connect the eero's to each other via ethernet they would all be fairly close together and therefore may not remove the wifi deadspots in your home? Try and spread out the units as best you can for better coverage.

    I also second the tplink unmanaged switch - relatively cheap compared to others and does the job.

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      • Oakey
      • Oakey
      • 3 mths ago
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      DestinationM  interesting. My hue hub and Ring alarm plug into the switch the main Eero is connected to and I’ve had no problems at all. Must be something specific about your setup.

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    • Oakey Yeah definitely something off about it as I have to change my DNS to to allow my smart alarm hub to connect otherwise it wouldn't be able to join even though it's connected by ethernet

      • Oakey
      • Oakey
      • 3 mths ago
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      DestinationM I used to have a Yale smart alarm that was very fussy about which DNS server it useD. Could ever work out why. I changed to Ring and never looked back!

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