Port forwarding stopped working after 6.03 update

HI all,

After the latest firmware update, my port forwarding no longer appears to be working. I started running a Tor bridge over a month ago and it has been working fine since it started. Today, I noticed the bridge was offline and I could no longer connect to it from the outside. I double checked my DHCP and port forwarding for the device and it exists and is correct.

I called my ISP to see if they started blocking Tor traffic and they said no, only the typical outbound ports that most ISP's will filter, no port blocking inbound. I confirmed with them that the ports I'm using for the Tor bridge are not being blocked in either direction. I went into eero and deleted the existing reservation for this device and recreated it with the 2 ports i needed forwarded. I am still unable to connect to it from the outside. From within my network, the ports are open and I can connect fine. Seems like the port forwarding is broken... at this point I'm stumped.

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  • I've done some more testing and tried forwarding other ports to other systems on my network and they all fail. There are no local firewalls running on these devices, so that's not the problem. Ports I have been forwarding forever, no longer work. Something in 6.03 broke port forwarding...

  • For anyone having this issue, I spoke with customer support and as a temporary workaround, you can enable UPnP to get your port forwarding working until they fix it. I tested it and it worked for me, but as soon as this issue gets fixed, I'll be disabling UPnP...

  • Thanks, we also started having this issue after the 6.03 update. Is there an official word from support on when this will be fixed? I don't like enabling UPnP due to the serious security risks.

      • moonpup
      • moonpup
      • 1 yr ago
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      brsm support has been keeping me in the loop and they are investigating the problem. as of now, no timeline, just being advised to look for another firmware update. and yes... i don't like UPnP either and will disable it as soon as this problem gets fixed.

  • I spent hours wondering why I could access my server externally and trying to fix this before finding out it's a bug and enabling UPnP. Incredibly frustrating.


    I even contacted support who didn't have a clue about the bug.

  • I've had a couple followup emails with support, and all I get for a response is keep checking for updated firmware. Whenever that may be... no ETA... 😠

  • After upgrading to 6.04, my port forwarding is working again, yay! I have also disabled UPnP, another yay!

      • profet
      • profet
      • 11 mths ago
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      moonpup Great news - thanks for letting us know - I'm updating now...

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