Eero Data Usage Issues

I have a customer that is using this product. They have reported that their data usage has gone through the roof since this was installed last year.


I was unable to find a way to remotley access these APs (why is there no interface other than a phone app?) so I put a pfSense firewall in front of the system and put it into bridge mode so I can see what is going on.


Over the weekend the customer used 48.7 Gb of data.

21.9 of it is streaming video to a Roku.

6.1 Gb eero

2.1 Gb eero

1.7 Gb eero


Why are the eero's themselves using this much traffic? Looking at the state tables it looks like it all goes to Amazon owned IP space.

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    I have also posted this on reddit. There I got some helpful information.


    It seems that putting these eero's into bridge mode does NOT disable the guest network. It seems that even in bridge mode, each ap will maintain the guest network and still do NAT/DHCP.

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