Guest Network Technical Details

A little background...I wanted my Eero network to be able to tell me when a device disconnects from the network. I have a GFCI outlet that trips randomly, and I'm trying to correlate the plug trips with time of day, load on the line, etc. I figured an easy way to do this would be to have a Nest Mini plugged into the GFCI, then watch for it to drop off the network. Sadly, Eero has no such feature to automatically notify you if a device leaves your network. So...to Plan B.

For Plan B, I installed a network monitoring solution (doesn't matter which one) to map my home network and email me when a ping fails on a particular device (Eero really needs this feature!). BUT...as part of the detailed map, I found how Eero manages IP addresses in the main network for the various Eero devices and Guest Network gateways. I have a multi-story house with a basement and a garage, and the construction is such that I have four Eeros to cover everything. I see the four main IP addresses of the Eero devices...but I also see 7 (sometimes 8) IP addresses on the network (on different subnets) which presumably correspond to the Guest Network gateways. I'd assume that Eero would use some sort of out of band management of the Guest Network as it seems to for the overall device status on the Eero network overall. Why then create such a convoluted IP network space for the Guest Network that's discoverable (in the forward direction, at least) from the main network? 

I know that IOT means that manufacturers just want us to trust...but I trust nobody. Can anybody explain the security rationale of how this works in Eero-land?

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