Having odd performance problem with my Eero units

I have 4 Eero units around my house.  All units are running 3.19.0.   My cable setup is this:

Cable Data Modem -> Linksys 1900ACS running Openwrt -> Eero Gateway (and the other Eero units)

Everything in the house connects to the Eero SID.   What happening is for no real reason the bandwidth through the Eeros drops rather heavily for no reason.  My internet connection is a 350Mb / 25Mb setup.

When I connect to the 1900ACS and do a speed test I get 325-335Mb/sec.  When things on my Eero aren't behaving well I get 140-160Mb/sec ... for no reason.  I say for no reason because I have performance monitoring setup on the 1900ACS.  When this is happening on the Eeros, the 1900ACS is showing basically low level usage on my cable connection.  During this time I've also done an Eero bandwidth test in the Eero app and it claims the gateway Eero is getting 340-350 Mb/sec.   But how that can be ?  My phone and laptop both connected to the gateway Eero are indicating the 140-160Mb/sec rage.

If I restart the Eero network from the Eero app, everything is good again ... for a while that is like right now as I just restarted the network this morning.   Then at some point, the performance drops again for no apparent reason.

Is there anyway to get Eero node performance details ?  I'd love to see what the CPU usage is on all four of the Eero units.  It would be nice to see what the RAM is doing as well.

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    • SEAD
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I think the eero needs to be immediately after your modem, and if you need the Linksys then connect it down stream from the eero.

    • SEAD
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I'm also having connectivity problems and I'm coming straight out of the modem to my eero. I do have a Linksys range extender on the eero but I'm not connecting to it.

    • David_S
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I would remove and power off the Linksys range extender altogether from your mesh network and test speeds after 30 minute or so. You really don't want to use competitor's APs or extenders with Eero's true mesh system. It may be interfering with your eero nodes and the mesh's correct operation.

    If you added the Linksys due to a dead spot you may want to reposition your eero nodes and have eero Support assist by checking the connection quality between all nodes afterwards. They checked mine while working with me on another issue and it helped tremendously with one leaf node that was located just a touch too far from my other nodes.

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