IP reservation experience is a frustrating mess

I don’t have quite the rage over the new app update as most people here, but this issue in particular irks me. This was somewhat the case before the new app update, but it seems to have gotten worse since. Here are my issues:

1.    The main “reservations and port forwarding” list seems to be in no particular order. Why is this not in alphabetical order?

2.    Going to “add a reservation” shows all devices, even if they already have a reservation. To find things that don’t have a reservation I have to compare this list (which IS in alphabetical order) with the previous list which is in random order.

3.    Selecting a device From the “add a reservation” list that doesn’t currently have a reservation has no apparent way to save the reservation. This seems new to the big app update. I select a device, and on the device details screen the “save” button is greyed out. Did I create the reservation just by tapping on the device in the list? Is this a bug? Since reserved and unreserved devices show up in the “add a reservation” screen, I can’t tell there. Let me go back to the first “reservations and port forwarding” screen to check if it shows up now. Oh, but they’re not in any useful order so let me search the shuffled list of devices. I guess I’ll just edit the nickname in the reservation screen and then change it back so the save button is tappable just in case.

For point #2, I get that all devices, reserved and unreserved, show up for purposes of port forwarding, but perhaps that should be broken out into its own list. Overall, IP reservation and port forwarding has become very frustrating to manage.

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  • I agree.  as a user who curates their expansive network of devices down to the IP address, this is a kludgy mess and a great discredit to the Eero vs Unifi argument

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