Different unidentified and identified connections

I am really enjoying the Eero system but still learning through confusion. There are connections that pop up that I can not identify. Recently, Wistron NeWeb Corporation showed up as a connected device. A Google search identified the company, but gave no real information that I could use to identify what had connected to my Eero. Anyone have an idea?

There have been a couple others which I can not remember. Is this normal?

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  • Yes, the name/type of the device is sometimes derived from the network card in the device. Products will sometimes use generic network card providers. This is probably some IoT (i.e. “smart home”) device that you have connected—like a thermostat, camera, etc.

    This type of thing is perfectly normal. Nothing to be worried about :)

      • Eric0524
      • Eric0524
      • 4 mths ago
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      cMoo92 I would think anything connected to your network that you can't figure out exactly which device it is would be an issue with me.  I have several devices I am trying to figure out what they are before resorting to unplugging everything and brining up one device at a time.  The new privacy stuff is nice to hide behind,  bit is a security nightmare. 

  • Thanks for the quick response. However, this is something that popped up out of the blue. I hadn't added anything new to the network. I have identified my Sensi thermostat, 2 Galaxy S7 phones, 5 WEMO mini plugs, 2 Laptops, 1 Desktop, 5 Rokus, a MyCloud NAS, 2 Sonos speakers, 1 Sonos bridge, 2 HP printers and a Samsung TV. Now I get the Wistron NeWeb Corporation and Liteon Technology Corporation for something I have no information except for the IP and MAC addresses. It would be great to know about those last 2.

    As a side note, has anyone noticed NSA Listening station in your area?

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      jshaw42 I’ve got a Liteon as well. It’s a Lenovo Smart Display... basically Lenovo’s version of a Google Homehub in my case. 

  • As Cmoo92 mentioned above this is perfectly normal depending upon the brand of network card a device manufacture chooses to include in his product. For example, my Naim Audio Muso network music system shows up as a Liteon Tech device on a Linksys Velop mesh system based on the Liteon network card Naim included in the Muso's circuitry. On an Amplifi HD mesh system and the eero it displays correctly as a Naim Muso without me changing the device's "nickname" in the router (an option on any of these three router interfaces in their app settings.)  


    If you're having trouble identifying a device by the displayed network interface card manufacturer's name simply go to my link below and input the device's Mac address and it should tell you the end manufacturer's name which might help narrow it down:


  • While I appreciate greatly the input, David, I entered the MAC addresses in the space provided in your link and got the same information the Eero provided. This is not a problem, I am just a bit anal sometimes and it would be nice to know what is connecting to my system.

      • David S
      • David_S
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      jshaw42 I fully understand occasionally running into the same problem with devices on my networks in the past. It’s concerning to say the least when you can’t identity a device on your network! 

  • So I've had a similar issue that's been driving me absolutely nuts. A couple months ago I'd spent a rainy day getting the MAC address of every device I could that hitting my network, and I've got all the recurring devices now properly labeled, except 2.

    And what's driving me nuts is that they're showing up in the Eero app as being connected by Ethernet, not Wifi. So home with a sick kid this morning, I went around the house and confirmed that there just aren't any devices hard-wired in anywhere that I don't already know about.

    The devices are a MT7681/Shenzhen Ogemray Technology Co. Ltd, and a Chicony Electronics Co Ltd. Using MAC lookup tools doesn't provide any other info. I googles both companies, and the latter seems to make webcams in addition to a bunch of other stuff, so I thought maybe it was the built in camera in our iMac, but it doesn't have a MAC address. The only other thing I can think of is that I have 2 Ethernet switches that I'm effectively using as splitters, but those don't seem to have MAC addresses.

    I've now blocked the 2 devices, and thus far today nothing has stopped working. But one hadn't been on the network since 2 nights ago, and other 5 nights ago, anyhow.

    Anyone else ever have this issue?

  • After a bit of research and this conversation, I gather the unidentifiable critters are probably the ethernet switches I have installed to allow for my desktop to be wire connected to the network. I will not delve further ;-)

  • Anybody seen this one? 00:16:f5:1f:dc:b6
    Dalian Golden Hualu Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

    it is the only one I can’t identify.

    What’s more, it is paused but shows the exact time and day that I snapped the picture!

    • That’s just a generic WiFi card that could be used in any number of different devices. The only one I could confirm that it’s used in is a JVC home theater receiver. Do you have one of those in your home?

  • I want to get netflix but i have a dsl connection but what can i do? i want to have wireless internet? How To Create A Wikipedia Page

  • I paused the Wistrom Neweb device in my recently installed Eero Pro system, determined it is a Samsung "smart" BD player...no doubt because the wifi chip or card in this device is a product of this company. 

  •  I blocked out Wistron Neweb with its mac address twice, once it stopped an app on my phone from transmitting , the second time I blocked it, it stopped a cctv camera from transmitting, they both have their own mac address. So what the hell gives wiston newweb the right to be on my wifi ?  



  • New to eero, but not new to networking. Like has been mentioned, I'm security conscious when it comes to my home network. I connected up the eero pod after switching over to Frontier and using it as a bridge with my personal router. One thing i completely disagree with eero on is broadcasting the SSID. There is no reason to broadcast the SSID and until now, I have always disabled it. Since I connected the eero pod, it sees a connection labeled Google Inc. on the Wi-fi and this is not a device in my house. I have 3 wired desktop computers, 1 Wi-fi laptop, 1 Wi-fi phone, and 1 wired printserver connections to my network besides my NetGear router and 1 NetGear switch. Below is a screenshot of the Google Inc connection. Any idea what this is? Is it something to do with eero itself?

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