Wired backhaul speeds slow?

So I currently have 4 eero pro 6E units. The first unit has the fasted speed as it is connected directly to my comcast modem. The rest of the units do not have as fast of download speeds. The rest of the units are connected to a  netgear gigabit unmanaged switch (GS308). Xfinity is my provider and I have Gigabit speeds. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I noticed the eero app shows ny prinary router wired speed as 2.5 gbps while the others are 1.0. They are all connected to the fast port. All units are hardwired.

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    Hi   For speed issues like this you need to troubleshoot them from the top down.

    So, for example, your topology should look like internet modem--ethernet A-->eero 1-->ethernet B--Switch--ethernet C-F->eero 2-4 ( and other hardwired devices of course).

    You will want a testing device, like a laptop, so you can ethernet in to test speeds directly.

    You will want to start with modem--ethernet A-->eero 1--ethernet B-->laptop and see if you get the full download speed

    If you do go modem--ethernet A-->eero 1--ethernet C-->laptop to make sure ethernet C is good

    if it is go modem--ethernet A-->eero 1--ethernet B-->Switch--ethernet C-->laptop and test speeds.

    Then add a link one at a time, testing in between.  The biggest difficulty in troubleshooting speed issues is assuming something is working before it has been tested.


    While this way takes a while it is the best and most certain way to track down speed issues.

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