Problem with logging into websites with eero


I have noticed a new issue with my eero pro 6 network. Connection to my router and internet seems fine: the eero app says all devices are working, my internet download speed (via the eero app) is 940 Mbps and wifi speeds from speed test sites indicate wifi downloads in the neighborhood of 200-300 Mbps. I can browse the internet fine, and I can stream movies to my phone and other devices.


The problem comes apparent when I have to log in to a site like Disney+ or my Tesla app. With wifi, I can't get past the login page. There's an error. The process times out or the site will return an error that it is unreachable. The login is also prolonged with my Peloton. However, once I use data (not wifi), I can log in successfully. After this, I can switch to wifi again and use the apps - successfully doing what I need to do at good speeds.


I do not have this login issue at my work wifi.


So, something is wrong with my eero, my android 12 pixel 5, or my Xfinity router. I suspect it is not Xfinity because every other aspect of my connection is fine. Could be my phone - just upgraded to Android 12, but that doesn't explain the Peloton issues. 


I have removed all content filters and ad blocking that I can (the eero secure stuff), and I have reset the eero network a few times - no change. I am using IP6.


Any thoughts on this? I'd like to avoid completely redoing the eero network, and I'm not sure that would change things.

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  • Try enabling Bridge mode on your eero network and see if that fixes the issue. Since you have your eero behind your Xfinity router, you’re likely running in double-NAT mode which can cause issues.

  • My Xfinity router was in bridge mode, as I thought that is what eero recommended. Regardless, on my phone, I "forgot" the network and reconnected. This seemed to fix the login issue.


    This was an odd series of occurrences.


    As it happened, Tesla was experiencing a Nationwide issue with it's remote access. This is resolved now.


    I had to factory reset my Peloton. I'm not sure what the issue was there. It works fine now.

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