Eero Units Constantly Going Offline

I've got the original Eero 3 unit setup. Over the past several months we've had growing problems with the system. It started with one unit that would just go offline (red LED) and pretty much take down the whole network. Now two units are doing this. Just a little bit ago, the two satellite units dropped off, and only the base unit was showing white. I had to power cycle both "dead" units to get the network going again. This has turned into a daily occurrence -and with two people working from home, always having to reset the units is NOT A SOLUTION. I've tried everything support asked, but nothing has helped.

Have these units just worn out over time? I've read the New Fancy Eero 6 units are having he same problems. I can only guess it's some firmware update. When I first had this system, it was ROCK SOLID. Later firmware updates have caused MASSIVE problems, not only the network dropping, but slowdowns, DNS issues (can't connect to .local servers, needing, again, a reboot of the system).

I'm not sure what's going on with Eero, but my faith is fading. Maybe it's time to look at alternates...

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  • Same problem. Same feelings. 

  • This is still happening... multiple times per day now. I'm so done with this system - resetting a unit over and over is NOT A SOLUTION - IT'S A HUGE PROBLEM!!!

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