My recent email to eero-

Many thanks for your email, much appreciated. I did as you suggested and it worked. It seems that as long as amazon is not used to link the account that Zigbee is disabled.


It looks like an awful lot of eero users will be disconnecting their accounts also who do not want to be forced into using your Zigbee radio, a true smart hub controller uses mains powered devices such as smart plugs and bulbs to effectively extend the range of its Zigbee network by default so I really do not see the need for eero over complicating what should be a dedicated device for running a Mesh network!


Echo is not ready for use solely as a smart home hub as the integrations are not sufficient for what smart home users are looking for, some complex automations.


Also, no way at all will any user with a fully integrated smart home sit for hours or days setting it up on a mobile phone device using the restricted Alexa interface! Also Alexa operates one way, i.e. it can control but smart home hubs connected to Alexa cannot!


Echo is by definition a smart speaker, a considerable amount of work and investment needs to be done before it can closely be considered a smart hub what could take over from a proprietary smart home controller. A smart speaker is not considered a smart home hub if you care to check out the definition of it.


Why would anyone with any common sense rely on a cloud connected device, lose the cloud (internet) and you have lost the Alexa integration anyways leaving you with a home that cannot be controlled unless the smart devices uses Bluetooth which is rare and the range is severely restricted!


90% of smart hub controllers available do not rely on the cloud making them the preferred option.


Please take my above points in a positive way, pass them on to the developers so they know what the masses of people want and not what the developers feel that they want!


Actually, as I come from an IT background in the Defence sector, if it was my decision then I would get rid of your R&D department and start all over again.


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