Eero speed reporting differs greatly from Google and speedtest

I recently upgraded mt AT&T to 1G. To my knowledge, I have the setting on AT&T router correct for passthru and statuc to my Eero mac address. On my Eero app, it reports 900+ gbps, using google speed tests and speedtest.net I'm getting 150mbps average. this is sitting 3 feet from the wired Eero base. Distance is not a factor. I'm alone in the house, so there is no competition.

Which app is telling the truth? If there's a problem with my setup, suggestions are appreciated.

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  • The eero app Speedtest is more accurate because it’s running the test directly on the eero which is hardwired to your AT&T router. The speed test you’re running on your device is probably limited by its wireless card. If you hardwire a computer to the eero and run a speed test on the computer, you should get similar results as what the eero app is telling you.

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      cMoo92 sorry but isn't the speed test run on a specific device indicative of the speed it is detecting? So if my eero app says I'm close to 500 mbps but my laptop says 80 (which is all I care about while I'm trying to work!) isn't the laptop actually getting 80? Is there something that needs to be done after upgrading with the ISP to push that new speed out to the eeros?

  • My phone was getting 350+ the day I posted this thread.  Now it's never over 100.  Therefore, I know it's not the phone capability, and is either eerio, the modem, or a combination of settings within.

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