Update today

I see there is a new update available and the app is giving me an option to upgrade.  


Has as anyone tried it?  Does it fix the wifi calling issues?

Is everything else working as expected?   Any other new surprises?

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  • I'm new to Eero and just installed mine on Saturday. I was just notified of the February update at 7:25pm EST. I started the download immediately. Not knowing how long firmware updates take, I finally decided to pull the plug 65 minutes later after my app STILL said it was downloading and updating. All 3 of my Eeros had the red light on the front.

    The Eeros are back up and running as of right now. The new version shows 2.20

    I'm currently on a fiber connection with 1GB/250MB plan. I usually come close to these speeds on a couple speed test sites. One issue is that I am getting about 350/200 which is a lot less than normal.

    I'm still waiting for my devices to reconnect to see if there are any other issues.


  • Hi Chris --

    Sorry to hear the issue you experienced with updating your eeros over the weekend. That isn't typical, and should typically only take a few minutes.

    With regards to the speed results you are now seeing, let's definitely take a look. You can reach us at 1-877-659-2347 and support@eero.com.

    Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

  • I pulled the trigger.  All smooth.  Haven't tried wifi calling just yet.  But everything else seems fine.  

  • No problems here either (version 2.20-2478). Download and update took about 15 minutes, did it today 2/9 around 10am.

  • I applied the update a couple days ago. Turned wifi calling back on my phones - no problems so far. It appears to be working well!

  • My Wifi calling seems to be working very well too.

  • i have 3 eero' s and one downloaded and updated to 2.2.0-2248. The other 2 are on 2.1.0.   When I try to update it the app says it is downloading and the it fails.  Is there anything I should do?

  • Hi JohnnyP

    Sorry to hear the issue you are running into with updating your other eeros. Have you tried moving them closer to your gateway eero? It may be because they are out of range.

    If you are still unable to updated after trying some new placement, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com. We're happy to take a look and get this resolved.

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