Frequent Internet Outage

I have the first gen Eero wifi system.  I have three eeros.  I am experiencing issues where my Internet connection drops and I can't load web pages, retrieve email, etc.  When this happens, it happens across all devices on the network (Roku, iPhones, laptops, etc.).  Also, when this happens, the red light is usually on on the eero connected to the modem.  Sometimes I also see red lights on the other eeros.  But I don't believe the red light is consistently on when there is an internet connectivity issue.


I've had the cable company, Charter/Spectrum, out twice.  The first time they did "something" to our connection (I forget what) and the second time they replaced our modem.  It's stll happening, and I'm starting to wonder if it is actually the eeros and not the modem.  It's still happening.  Does anyone have any advice for troubleshooting?  Is there a way to check the "main" eero (the one connected to the modem via ethernet) check its connection to the Internet (like a log or something)?  Or is there a more "advanced" configuration web page than the eero app that might have more info than the app?



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    • yurtkuran
    • 4 yrs ago
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    mea culpa!

    I found the issue with my eero's losing connectivity. As it turns out it was PEBKAK and nothing to do with WiFi or signal interference. The issue was due to an IP address conflict. My previous 'vanilla' router assigned .254 as its IP address (i.e. Eero on the other hand assigns .1 as the base unit's IP address (i.e. After installing eero I overlooked that my NAS' IP address was hard coded to creating the conflict. Once I shut down the NAS and rebooted the network - modem, switch, eero base and eero beacons - everything has been ROCK SOLID!!

    Please disregard my previous posts. My experience since the reboot has been fantastic! Thank you, eero!

      • mike5256
      • 4 yrs ago
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      yurtkuran I am having the same issues with my 3 unit system at my lake house.  It keeps dropping from the internet and red light appears and then it reboots.  The house is very slow internet speed (around 5.5 - best i can get) and was told the eero needs that many to just function.  I find it hard to believe the system isn't more sophisticated that it doesn't just slow devices down or prioritize devices.  how can i check the ip addresses as you mentioned to make sure this isn't the issue.

      • yurtkuran
      • 4 yrs ago
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      mike5256 unfortunate that you're experiencing drop-outs. I'm not aware of any minimum WAN speed to keep the eero functioning properly. I recommend restoring the eero's to factory default, turning off all wifi devices expect for your phone (to prevent IP address duplication like I experienced) and repeating the install.

    • Kariharmon8
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Mine constantly disconnects. Worst purchase ever.  My old Netgear works, the comcast modem works. this is a pile of trash!! worst most unreliable product ever. I've done all the troubleshooting i can. now it says call tech. been on hold for half an hour so far.... total waste of money.  

    • Henryharrison
    • 3 mths ago
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