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Jeff C.   Hello Jeff - Hope all is well and excited to say will be jumping back on mesh here at the end of August again.  So here comes the scenario and question.

Our new house is almost built with Internet coming into the basement where the modem and your eero will get connected.  I had ethernet pulled from the basement to both the first floor and another dedicated line up to the second floor.  My desire and plan is to have an eero 2 on each of the three floors and all connected via Ethernet.

So my question is as follows:

First off the basement eero will connect into the back of the modem, but how do I connect the other two eeros into the network?  Do I add a switch into the back of basement eero and then connect other 2 eeros into switch OR would I wire them in series?  Mean - Basement eero wired to 1st floor eero, wired to 2nd floor eero?  I want to do this to ensure the best performance on all 3 floors instead of depending on the backplanes of the mesh network.  


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    cotedan87 Well hard to believe but it's been a month and in that time I decided to go to the 1GB service and all is going well with my network and the eeros.  So here as promised are some shots and such to show you how it's set up.

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      Skeeter good for you. Glad you got things humming along. Now you can sit back with a cuppa java and ponder your next adventure. 

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    Exactly!  Plenty to do with a new house but with the tech all solid that helps!

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