Pausing a profile does not pause device

After a shouting match with a teenager (over chat since I was trying to put baby to sleep in a different room) who refused to turn off computer an hour after he was supposed, I told him if he can't control his internet use, I will help him... 

I created a profile and added a desktop (wired connection) to the profile. I set a bedtime schedule, and it will pause the profile but shows that the device is still online. The desktop still has access to internet while the profile is paused. If I pause the device individually, the computer loses connection. I would set schedule to the individual device if I could, but there's no feature to do that. What am I doing wrong?

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    • yyrigby
    • 12 days ago
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    I think I figured it out.. It worked perfectly the next day. It must have to cross that initial start time to pause all devices, not if I am already currently in the pause timeline. (I set the bedtime to 10pm-6am, and was attempting to do it around midnight.)

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