Eero Pro Base drops Internet every 24h

My Eero Pro disconnects every 24h almost to the minute. So for the past week between 12:10 and 12:15 my Eero drops the internet connection. I then have to unplug it and plug it back in. The diagnostic tools are no help and say 'everything is ok'. This is a terrible time of day to have the issue as I get kicked off meetings and have to come back.

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  • Are you sure it’s not your internet modem that’s actually messing things up at that time? If you haven’t tried that yet, I’d recommend trying to reboot your modem first instead of your eero and see if that resolves the issue. If it does, and the daily issue persists, then more likely than not it’s your internet connection or modem that is the source of the problem.

    • cMoo92 I'll give that a try. I rebooted the modem the first time this happened (last week) but I have not been rebooting it each time. I can give it a go. Thanks

  • OK, I rebooted my router last night at about 6pm. Right on time today at 12:10pm the wifi dropped. I cannot run the diagnostics because of course the wifi is not responding. I've been checking the temp periodically and it remains in the range of 102º to 120ºF (measured with a Fluke 62Max from a range of about 6 inches). If this keeps up I will have to punt on Eero and find a new/different solution. It would be super cool if tech-support actually responded to my request for help on this, but thank you all in the community who've made suggestions.

    • individualrich did you try rebooting the modem instead of the eero this time when it dropped at 12:10pm?

    • cMoo92 failed to tag you in my response before; That hasn't worked. I have a machine connected on the wired network through the modem and it remains on line. I have absolute conviction that the failure is 'in' the eero, but I cannot diagnose why. I'm waiting for 12:10pm to arrive and see if anything has changed. I was considering using wireshark to see if I can observe any kind of network traffic that could be 'freaking out the system' but I'm not even sure what to watch for. So I'm just going to capture everything between 12:08 and the failure point. I guess we'll see what we see.

  • Of course, that hasn't worked. I have a machine connected on the wired network through the modem and it remains on line. I have absolute conviction that the failure is 'in' the eero, but I cannot diagnose why.

      • Smi2830
      • Smi2830
      • 7 mths ago
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      individualrich I am having the exact same issues you are. I also have a device on Ethernet that works fine all day. Once evening hits my EEROS go offline. I reboot the modem and everything comes back up only to repeat the issue the next day. Did you ever find a fix? 

    • Smi2830 ended up being a configuration issue. I apparently had paused my own cable modem thinking it was a misbehaving cable box or something. When I undid that, poof, back to happy places. I had also switched out of bridged mode. So all it took was figuring out which device on the wired side was the router/modem. So basically, I did something dumb :-) 

      • Smi2830
      • Smi2830
      • 7 mths ago
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      individualrich okay my modem is definitely not paused. I’ll have to piece this together. Thank you for replying :) mine is probably dumb too lol. 

  • So many things to consider, but I'd try the basics first.

    1.) Possible IP conflict somewhere.

    Dup IPs will work for a surprising long time, until they don't. Maybe you hard-coded an IP on a device/gizmo at sometime in the past. Check everything.


    2.) Cabling and upstream modem/router port

    Change both.


    3.) DHCP leases

    Not sure how you are setup, but if you are using bridged mode where DHCP is coming from another source, check th elease times to be sure the IPs are not being re-issued during the day. If teh lease time was set to 1 day vs. 8 as an example.

    This also goes for the ISP. Get your IP (i.e. ipchicke or whatsmyip) and see how frequenty it is changing. Could be its jumping at the same time daily you are seeing the issue.


    4.) Power

    Try plugging the base Eero elswhere. Maybe the powersource is bad. Even running an extension cord fr a day to an alternate source would help.Also, switch the power supplies between Eeros to see if the prob travels w/ the PS.


    5.) Bad device causing the issue

    Can you turn devices off for a day to remove possible bad devices? Just use your laptop or bare minimum for a 24 hr period. Could be one device is screaming in pain or causing a broadcast situation.

  • I have the same issue.  doing this for a client.  I was hesitent with this system due to the lack of control the config page give you (if you are a network tech you know what I mean) but have 3 friends that bought eerors and love them so I thought this would be worth while.

    Happened from the very beginning and every morning there is no wifi.  Hardwired one PC to a spectrum router house is wired so put 3 eero routers I just purchased for $169 in 3 locations to create a mesh network,  Everything works great till sometime in the early morning wifi just drops.  Hardwired PC has no issue connecting and is fast all the eero are offline. Other friends are on the same ISP  

    This main network had older access points on it for years without issues we just wanted to upgrade the wifi for it to happen this frequently is not worth it, thought it was a one off the first day but every day is useless and now I am losing money as I can't charge them to go back and forth daily to their house to resolve this.  Luckily its only a few days old and I can return it smh     

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