Does eeros work?

Buddy wants me to setup his eeros 6 system BestBuy sold to him. It’s an old school 1950s house. Long hallways, brick intermittently laid out, in odd places on exterior and interior walls. Lots of walls in general, too many to be honest. Probably made sense in the 50s. I can’t even imagine setting up the system without an Ethernet back haul. If I’m gonna do an Ethernet back haul, it only makes sense to do so withPoE+ splitters to power the eeros units. Why waste outlets. And now I’m on this community to seek answers, where normally I’d just go to Reddit, but eero seemingly doesn’t exist there. How is there not an eero subreddit, official or unofficial?   Initially I was just trying to find a recommended PoE splitter. Briefly looking at this forum, I still haven’t been able to find that answer and mostly see problems. Problems with Sonos and Homekit devices. Zigbee hub is a zigbee hub, but not really. People are still recommending Sonoff hubs for real zigbee, At this point I have a spare UniFi USG I can give to my buddy, and since I was going to use a PoE switch and a Ethernet back haul anyways, is there any reason not to go full UniFi with APs versus trying to limp a eero system together?

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    All of my eeros are wired. I ran Ethernet to dataa outlets. But I use outlets. Not sure why you don’t want to use outlets? Also, I haven’t had any issues with eero. I recommend them to everyone. I also have had UI. UI is really technical gear and requires maintainable not to mention the USG is super old. 

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