EERO v6.0.4 dropping internet connection

Since my EERO 3-node mesh system was upgraded to v6.0.4, it is dropping offline for 30-120 seconds or more every 2-10 minutes. I am running Network Logger Pro on my Mac which does a Ping or HTTP header request every 20 seconds, so I can see the internet connection going down. I have have detailed error logs showing the dropped connection. This is not an ISP problem, since I can connect the Mac directly to the ISP and Network Logger Pro will show no dropped connection.

Thus far, I have unplugged the 3 EEROS and plugged them back in with no effect.

I disconnected one of the EEROs, still no effect.

It looks like I may have to go back to my old Netgear router to get reliable internet access.


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  • Hi,

    I had the same problem. Do this might solve it. 
    1) Un-plug your eero’s for about 2 minutes. 
    2) plug them back starting with the gateway. 
    3) once they are all up, press the hard reset button on the gateway eero. Keep pressing it until you see the light yellow. Make sure not to over press it as it will reset all the settings if the light went red. 
    4) as soon as the light becomes yellow release and wait for the network to come back on. This might take few minutes. 

    this might solve the issue. 

    good luck

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      • Brad K
      • Brad_K
      • 4 mths ago
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      Debbeh Debbeh I followed your steps and did the soft reset, but the problem still exists.

      • Debbeh
      • Debbeh
      • 4 mths ago
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      Brad K if you still having issues, the best thing is to call them as they can diagnose your system online and find out if there is anything else is causing this. 

      hopefully it will be solved. 

  • Seems to be a common problem Eero can't fix.  I have given up trying to deal with support and just live with the constant disconnects.

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  • I am experiencing issues with drops and reconnects on my network. I just replaced some of my eero pro's on the network with the new eero pro 6. I was thinking that the issues were with the new eero pro 6 but now I am wondering if it is 6.0.4 software release. I happened to take that update at the same time that I installed these new eero pro 6. I hope that the support team takes a look at this as my kids are complaining to me multiple times a day about the network glitching and them having to reconnect. This needs to get resolved and our community needs your sustaining team's help to fix this. I am happy to work with anyone to figure out where the issues happen. 

    • Chris G We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing some instability on your network since the latest update. We'd definitely like to work with you and help figure out what's going on here. When you're able to, please email us at support@eero.com with the subject "Community Followup." We look forward to hearing from you!


      Kora | eero Community Team

  • I'm crossing my fingers that the problem of internet connection failures is solved. Tyler Barrett from EERO suggested swapping my gateway EERO with one of the others, and after the system is running again doing a soft reset on the previous gateway EERO. Well, it seems to have worked so far. I've been running the Network Logger Pro, which alternates pings and sends http header requests every 20 seconds. No connection outages in over one hour. I'm going to let it run overnight before claiming success. However, I'm still puzzled as the cause of the problem.

      • Debbeh
      • Debbeh
      • 4 mths ago
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      That’s is good. Hope your problem is solved. 

  • Ran the network logger for over 24 hours without internet connection being dropped. I consider my problem is solved.

  • Briefly, I have had problems with internet stability since 6.0.4. I keep having to unplug my modem and gateway to reset back to normal. This fix works for a day or two and then it returns. This problem never existed prior to 6.0.4. I'm suspicious...

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  • Same story for me. I upgraded to the PRO 6 hoping it would stop the "dropouts" - and they are still here. I have a 1500 sq foot house with the pro6 as the main, a PRO as a beacon, and a second beacon. The EERO support team's suggestion...move the additional beacons further away. I can't...it's a 1500 sq foot house.  Piss poor support for an expensive router, with ZERO real solutions, when clearly it's a common problem with their device. 

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  • This was my first experience with a mesh system. Netgear Nighthawk with an extender was my previous set up. The Eero Pro 6 was super easy to set up. This was 2 weeks ago. During those 2 weeks, I noticed it drop and quickly reconnect a few times, but thought no big deal. Yesterday though, it went offline and despite 2 hours on the phone with customer support, couldn't get even 1 of the 3 nodes to reboot/reconnect. Tech support decided it was my ISP, despite the fact that I could hardwire a PC to the modem and have internet, and reconnected my old Netgear router with no issues.

    Submitted for a return of the Eero system today. :(

    Is this common? I liked the speed and coverage the Eero system provided compared to the Netgear plus extender. Should I try buying it again, or switch to something else?

    The old Netgear was having stability issues and connectivity was "lagging" for the kids playing online, to the point they were getting reported and kicked from the game. The modem and router are set up in the home office in the basement, with the extender in one of the kid's bedrooms (about 2500 sq ft). The Netgear setup provides ok coverage through the house and on the back porch. The Eero system provided a much better speed throughout the house, and coverage extended to the pool area and the pole barn ~75 feet from the house. We were happy happy, until it failed.

    Advice on next steps? Try another Eero system? Something different? Thanks!

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