If a new device shows up, does that mean it has authenticated?

I have new device notifications on my new eero home network and several "new" devices have shown up like a Galaxy A10 or a Huawei P20 - which aren't owned by anyone in our house. Could be friends of the kids of course. But anyway, I wondered: If a device shows up, does that mean that device has authenticated to your wifi network with the password, or does it simply mean the device has scanned the network as it passed and noticed it?


Thanks in advance



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  • It means the device has authenticated and actually connected to your network. Not just passed by.

  • Are there any known bugs because I've asked the kids and I've identified the Huawei P20 (son's girlfriend) but not "Nicks-Galaxy-A10" - no one knows a "Nick" and my phone is Pixel4a so its not me! The password isn't a dictionary word, although I am aware wifi crackers will break WPA2 if left to run for long enough. No neighbours called Nick either.

    I'll have to open a support request and see if they can see any more info on it. The mac address does resolve to a Samsung device though...



    • NikTheGeek My money would be that it's one of your kid's friends that has a phone with that name that never got changed when they got the device. I doubt there's anything nefarious going on.

  • eero support explained to me that even if a device attempts to connect and is not successful, it will show up as a new device. So if a neighbour was to spot my wifi, click on it, but not authenticate, their device would still show up as new. Likewise, I imagine, someone walking passed the house.

    Anyway, that should clear that up. I thought I'd report back the answer.


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