6.6.0 Device assigned IP address not showing up in eero

I have a NAS which is getting a DHCP address from eero yet is not showing up as connected in the eero app.  The device shows up when searched through the NAS app and I can connect to the missing device with the assigned IP address I get from the NAS app.  This is a wired device.  The other NAS on the same switch shows up just fine as do all other devices on this switch.  


I have rebooted the eero, rebooted the NAS, changed ports on the switch, repowered the switch.  If I try and add a reservation for it, it doesn’t show up as currently connected either.  If I try and move a current reservation to the address of the missing NAS it allows me to do it.  On the device that I move the the missing NAS address I don’t get an error on either device stating that their is already an IP address assigned to it.  

Why is this?

Are there other devices on my network not showing up?  How can I tell?

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  • Are you sure you don't have another router running DHCP (or even an application on the NAS--some do that)? This sounds very likely that you've got another DHCP server running on the network.

  • The address being given to the NAS is in the eero range.  I can change to a static IP address from the NAS and reach the NAS on the eero network.  I can reach the NAS from other devices on the network like my laptop and my phone.  I have a router running behind the eero creating it's own separate network on a separate address which has never been a problem.  I have disconnected that.  No change.  I have a second NAS which can be (but isn't) used as a DHCP server.  I shut that down.  No change.  The NAS still doesn't show up in the eero app.  

  • If I change the network port on the back of the NAS it appears in the eero app with the new mac ID and a DHCP address on the network.  

  • So I switched my network over to my Amplifi HD router and it can see the NAS regardless of what ethernet port I put it on.  Definitely an eero issue in my opinion.  

  • Well some good news.  My Apple Home Kit items are working much better on the Amplifi for once than the eero.  Things seemed to take a dump there about 2 eero updates or so ago.  

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