Slow wired lan through EERO 6 pro

just had ISP changed in my house

New setup is this - ISP modem - set for 1 gig speed - from modem to EERO 6 pro by way of Cat6 cable - out of EERO 6 pro is cat 6 cable to new dlink 5 port gigabit hub - off hub is 3 wired devices - all connected with Belden CAT 6 cables to gigbit nics on the devices.

Indicators on hub show all connected at gig speed

using a samsung galaxy s22 phone - connected wirelessly to EERO pro 6 and did speed test - was getting 750 mbs

on any of my wired devices - using same speed test - getting 250mbs max.

Looking for suggestions or answers please on how to resolve wired speed issues


thanks in advance

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  • I have the EXACT same problem and same setup. The only way I could get my speed back in my LAN was to put the Eeros in BRIDGE MODE making them a dumb WiFi AP. I then put my cable modem back in to router mode (so it does all the DHCP) and the LAN speed returns as the Eero is no longer being a gateway. 

    It’s rubbish as I bought the pro due to having gigabit - and Ethernet wise they are pants. 

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      • kodyaten
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      pad eero pro 6 can easily handle gigabit speeds. This is not normal. There had to be an issue with your setup. I know when I setup eero pro 6 sometimes the speeds over lan a couple hours to settle in. I think it’s because the TrueMesh optimizes connections and uses a lot of CPU at first. But they could be wrong. 

  • Odd problem. I can only think of a couple of variables you might try playing with:

    1. The server you connect to in the speedtest.net app/site is customizable. Make sure you're connecting to the same server to compare apples to apples between the Wi-Fi and wired speed tests. Or just trying different servers in general.

    2. Try temporarily eliminating the switch/hub. Make it just modem -> eero -> wired computer.

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      I had the same problem even after upgrading to a pro for my gateway - only way I could fix it was to bridge the Eeros. Doing this allows me to plug the switch for my LAN directly in to my Virgin router along with the eeros, in essence bypassing the eeros for all WIRED Lan / Wan traffic. 

  • A couple questions...

    What is the model number is on your DLINK 5 port switch?

    Have you tested the bandwidth (using Speedtest.net) with only ONE device connected downstream of the 5 port switch?  Does it ever give you the full bandwidth?

    Do you have any additional Eero's connected downstream off that same 5 port switch?  Or do you just have 1 Eero in the home set up as the central router behind your modem?



  • This sounds like a Ethernet cord problem. Sometimes mine do this but then I unplug it and plug back in. If this doesn’t work, it may be the switch. When you say “hub” are you meaning “switch?” 

    also, try to run a speed test with a new cable directly plugged into the gateway eero. Then from there add switch and test different devices and cords to figure out problem. 

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