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I have a cable modem (no router Arris TM822) going into a Luxul router XBR-2300. The router feeds various Luxul switches (XMS-1024) and the switches feed (among other things) access points which are Luxul XAP-1030's.

If I replace the router with the new Eero I have, can I leave the access points connected? They are hard wired in different buildings on my property and are not accessible  to me. I do have web access to them to change settings if need be. They are all on the same SSID and seem to act as a mesh network of their own. Any help in how to deal with them (without replacing them) would be greatly appreciated. None of the equipment I have will bridge to the Eero. I can bridge the Eero to them, but tht causes other problems with my MacBook Pros that I won't go into here.

Thanks in advance

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    I have no experience with Luxul networking gear, but in theory you should be fine swapping your Luxul router with the eero. Based on some quick looking on the Luxul website, your existing Luxul APs are not "connected" in a mesh network or anything like that. They operate as separate/standalone APs even with the same SSID. Luxul has newer APs that be connected to their wireless controller (XWC-1000), but your 1030s aren't compatible with that. But regardless, I would expect they'll still continue to function after swapping your eero.

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    • weaves
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    In theory that should work, but you're going to lose a lot of eero functionality like being able to manage SSIDs, guest networks, etc. The best thing to do is replace the Luxul APs with the eero PoE models. We can help you find a pro or send you some PoE mounts if you're interested. 

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