Bridging EERO?

Hello All,

What advanced features are lost due to bridging?  I'd like to use nProbe and nTOPng to capture traffic.  I was thinking I can connect every device to a switch and to a mirror port.  Send the Netflows to a VM for later processing.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I did bridge mode and if you have a good router and/or depending on your circumstances I think it's the way to go.


    The eero has the 'it just' works philosophy so everything is dumbed down and super simplified. Plus you get no access except through the app.


    My setup is (everything works great):

    Router -> Wired eero #1

    Router -> Switch -> Wired eero #2

    2 wireless beacons


    The one issue I have is that 2 devices that are not wired show as wired in the eero app but I think that may be because I don't have the wired eeros daisy chained or something like that. It's not affecting anything though. I have an advanced router so the eero cannot hope to come close to the things that my router does.


    I miss being able to have separate 2.4/5 radios. I understand their philosophy of a single mesh but for some advanced users we know we want to separate this or disable one or the other. I usually don't like when a company decides what's best for me but the eero is so good at what it does that I am willing to live with it.

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