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Frequently, devices on our network including MacBook Pros, iPhones, iMacs will mysteriously jump from our main network to the guest network. Just 2 minutes ago I rebooted my MacBook Pro and it booted onto the guest network. It's random and irritating. It's been going on for at least 6-12 months. We've lived with it, but now I'm a little over it. Any suggestions? We have 4 Eero Pros and 2 Beacons.

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  • Go into your wifi settings on each device and “forget” or delete the guest wifi network, or turn off “auto-join”. This will stop your devices from connecting automatically to the guest network.

  • I get that but it seems like a problem in the device logic. I should also be able to “bind” a device like an Apple TV to a specific Eero unit — one of ours jumps devices which is annoying. It should stay connected to the unit 12 inches away from it not 30ft and through a wall.

    • dbrom It’s completely up to the end user device to decide which access point it chooses to connect to. The access point (eero in this case) doesn’t have control over that. Also, just to clarify, this doesn’t have anything to do with your original post about which SSID your devices are connecting to.

  • Fully aware it’s ancillary to the original topic. Sorry if that upsets you. I understand the devices “decide” which unit to connect to. However, all but the desired Eero unit you want a device connected to could blacklist the device leaving the single (or multiple) remaining unit(s) as the only point(s) of connectivity. 

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