1 website not working with eero secure

We are having an issue with 1 website ever since turning on eero secure. going to my wife's doctor's website, the login page loads, but then when trying to log in the page hangs. I am 100% sure this is related to eero as we have successfully connected and logged in to the site when I am directly connected to our internet modem via ethernet, or mobile hotspot. So issue is not related to our devices (tested on 3 computers and 2 Android phone), browser (tested on Chrome and IE), or internet connection. The site does not work on eero. I already added the site to the allowed list for the network, with no change in performance.

The website worked fine before we turned on eero secure. 

The page uses Javascript if that matters.

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    • Tom.1
    • 3 yrs ago
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    faditara - Thanks for sharing your experience, sorry to hear that things aren't working as you expected. please feel free to email me at tmedhurst@eero.com so that we can troubleshoot further.

    • fadi_tara
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Been working with Tom, who has been very responsive. So far here is the status as it's getting escalated since there is no reason for site to be blocked after going into dev options and seeing site code: 

    Advanced security on with site whitelisted: Doesn't work

    Advanced security on with nothing whitelisted: Doesn't work

    Advanced security off with site whitelisted: Doesn't work 

    Advanced security off with nothing whitelisted: Does work

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