Interference with Bluetooth

when I moved In the new house it had a HD closet in the mud room where all the electronics are and is about 15 ft from the living room. Playing the Xbox one x and PS4 I had no issues with the remote controllers . I think ( not sure) when I upgraded to the eero from google Wi-Fi i started noticing lagging where it was unplayable. I just got the ps5 and Xbox Series x and just set everything up and the latency for both is even worst . I’m not sure if there is a setting in the eero that I need to change or if it’s something else . ** a friend in IT came over and said he’s pretty sure that stuff running on 2.4 ghz is interfering with the remote Bluetooth but the eero app doesn’t give the option to pick a separate channel. Do I need to invest in another mesh ? I’ll be pretty upset especially when I spend over $500 on this. 



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