Connecting eero 6+ routers together via Ethernet backhaul

I connected two of my eero 6+ routers via Ethernet cable.

Now if I open eero app and try to add the second eero router which is connected to the main eero router, the app finds it but its placement test fails by saying that the eero 6+ is out of range and indeed there's no Wifi signal at all.

How is it even possible, this eero 6+ router is connected to the main eero 6+ router via a network cable.

Is there anything extra I need to do if I want to connect two eero 6+ routers together via Ethernet backhaul?

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    Hi kayut

    When the app does the placement test it still checks for a wireless connection between the two eero, to make sure they are not too close or too far apart, the wired connection doesn't enter into it.

    I would put the eero into the same room as the gateway eero (at least 10 feet distance) or the next room over, add it to the network, once it is added and online then move it to the far away location on the other end of the ethernet cable.

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