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Every time there is an eero software update, one of my smart plugs (ihome) needs reset. Today, I tried to replace it with a Meross smart wi-fi plug mini and I can’t add it in the Meross app and Apple Home. (I already have one Meross that has been working.) And it’s the same as the one that does work properly…I bought a four-pack a while ago.

if it won’t work with 5 ghz…what are some smart plugs that will. I’m ready to cut my loss and move on to a new product. Can anyone suggest a plug or advice to get the Meross plugs working? I have three.


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    I have the same problem where most of my smart home devices using wifi is disconnected from eero 6e randomly. Either of restarting a smart device reconnects or restarting eero itself make smart devices re-connect.

    Here is list of smart home devices that are having the disconnection problem.( # of disconnections for last 14 days)

    1. Google Nest Hub Max ( 3 times )

    2. Switchbot Hub Plus ( > 7 times)

    3. Netatmo Weather Station ( 3 times )

    4. Fire TV Cube gen 3 ( 2 times )

    5. Teckin smart plug ( 3 times )

    6. Coway airmega 250s ( 3 times, auto-sleep )

    7. Canon imageCLASS MF642Cdw ( 1 time, auto-sleep )


    My findings are

    - #2, #3, #5 are sometimes disconnected at around same time between 9~10am. #2 is more frequently. 

    - The devices that have auto-sleep feature are having less # of perceived disconnection(because sleep technically disconnects wifi and wake re-connects)

    - I turned off all features in lab and reserve ip addresses for those devices. but none of them helps

    - my eero 6e have had updates for multiple times for last 14 days. so, there can be multiple disconnections that I didn't perceive and were fixed by restarting after firmware update.

    - Devices requiring continuous wifi connection are having more # of disconnection problems. so, I couldn't notice this problem with laptop with 2.4 since I don't use it for 24 hours.

    - AFAIK, it is eero's limitation where 2.4 and 5 cannot be split. 


    In conclusion, I guess it is hardware limitation and people like me who has lots of smart home devices using 2.4 should have a different router.

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