New 6+ Pro slower than old one.

Verizon speed to modem: 940 up and down.

Old Eero Pro: 845 down, 780 up (been this way for years)

Tried 2 new 6+: 150 down, 950 up



Support told me to return them and buy new ones.

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    • Michael_eero_support
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi GDOM

    That certainly sounds off and a bit fishy.  We'll likely want to take a look.  I am curious, the 150 down you were seeing on the 6+, was that on your devices or was that in the in-app speedtest?

    If it was in the app's speedtest I would like to know what speeds your devices are actually getting on the network.

    Remember that the eero 6+ actually has fewer radios than the eero Pro.  They both have the 2.4 ghz, but the eero Pro has 5.2 (5 ghz low) and 5.8 (5 ghz high) while the 6+ has either 5.2 or 5.8, but not both.  While the 6+ can use more bandwidth on those radios (160 mhz of bandwidth, older eero like the eero Pro are limited to 80 mhz), there are situations where the eero Pro might perform better.  We want to make sure we get the best fit for you.

    To do the speedtests I would recommend having your device connected to the gateway/head eero, about 10 feet or so away from it (you might consider temporarily unplugging the other eero to make sure that your device is on the gateway) and go to speedtest.net. Make sure to use one of the eero servers, they are optimized to test wifi 6 speeds, which take longer to fully saturate to high speed. Older speedtests intended for wifi 5 do not always give a reliably accurate picture for these.

    Let us know how it goes.

    • collivan28
    • 1 yr ago
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    Whole heartedly agree. I so very much regret getting the eero 6+. Absolutely miserable speeds that are spotty and make things unbearable. Like you, I bought new ones hoping it would be a hardware issue. Alas. I was on the phone with support for over 3 hours. It's been bad before, but this has been incredibly egregious. Will not be an eero customer after this experience. 

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