What is the expected Eero App behavior when Eero is in Bridge mode?

I have been running 3 Eero Pros for my home network for a while, but my high school aged son is always getting around the Wifi downtimes that I'd set by simply setting the Wifi on his devices to private which would make it appear as a new device and therefore not managed by a profile, giving him full network access by default.

This is a deal breaker for me, so I've ended up getting a Gryphon router primarily for the stronger parental controls. I'd like to continue to make use of the Eero's to extend the wifi coverage. After reviewing the support articles,  I was able to set the Eero to bridge mode and connect it to my Gryphon, which in turn is connected to my modem.


1) On my Eero App, it shows my internet and all three of my Eero Pro devices as offline. Is this normal that I won't be able to see my individual device statuses and network status in bridge mode? Is the App actually still connecting to the Eero and can I still manage the other settings?

2) Does this also mean there is no way to tell which client devices are connected to which Eero Pro to confirm if client steering is working correctly?

3) All three Eero Pro devices show a red light instead of the normal white. But the Wifi through the Eeros are working. Again, is this the expected behavior in bridge mode?

4) For now, I had set the Eero up with a different Wifi SSID than the Gryphon, which is also providing it's own Wifi. This helped during this trial and error on the setup so I could tell if the Eero's were actually providing Wifi, or whether it was just the Gryphon, since I can't tell through the App. But in a steady state, I'd prefer to use a single SSID. Would there be a problem or conflict if I use the same SSID on the Eero vs the Gryphon router?

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    I was able to resolve questions 1, 2, and 3 later. I checked my Gryphon and realized the three Eero's got automatically blocked from internet access (ie. doing what it should), so that's why my App couldn't show the Eero's online, monitor which clients were connected, and have the lights turned to red instead of white because of the lack of internet access. Interestingly, the Wifi access through on my devices through the Eero's then to the Gryphon worked fine. I guess the Eero's just need the internet access to properly process that metadata to show in the App.

    So just need to know whether this will all still work right if I set the SSID and pwd to the same as the Gryphon, or whether it will introduce a conflict.

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      Good job on figuring out question 1-3, you are right on your surmises.

      For question 4, if you put both wifi networks to the same SSID you won't be able to tell, from your devices, which network is which.  So, if it doesn't matter which it connects to, give it a try.  If it does, or performance/roaming is poor with the same SSIDs, change the eero SSID (although I would keep the password the same so you don't have ANOTHER password to remember).

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