Logic for connecting one node to strongest signal from other node?

Hey guys,

First of all I love the product! Solves a lot of problems for me with wifi issues I've been having. I do have one glaring issue, though, that still doesn't seem to have been resolved with the latest firmware update.

Here's my situation: I have a gateway hooked up to my cable modem in a guest house. That Eero is then wired to a child node on the second story of the main house. A third node is placed on the first story of the main house and connected wirelessly.

According to the app, my third (first story) Eero's signal strength fluctuates from full bars to one bar, and the connections speeds on the first story seem to confirm this is the case. Sometimes I'll get full speed, and other times I'm lucky to get 1/10th of my download speed.

I think I may have figured out the issue. I unplugged the upstairs Eero, and my downstairs Eero was still able to connect to the gateway Eero in the guest house, although with a very weak signal. I'm pretty sure the downstairs Eero is switching between establishing a strong connection with the Eero upstairs, and establishing a weak connection with the Eero located all the way in the guest house.

Is there any kind of logic built in to have the Eero connect to the strongest node wirelessly? Seems that's not consistently happening with my setup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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