Latest firmware update - How's it going?

Noticed an update was pushed last night. So far things are looking good {fingers crossed}. Just wanted to see what others experiences are.

I have a pfsense firewall and double-nat setup - the main eero controls my home subnet. Originally was getting quirky connection behaviors (SONOS issues etc) but simplifying my network - removing excess switches on the eero's subnet / relocating devices like my slingboxes AND now this update seems to have stabilized things. Am hoping this also resolves some android wifi connection issues I've encountered. Time will tell I guess but woohooo for now ..

Thanks again for all your hard work!!!!!

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  • Already have done that several times. No effect 

    • Herringtech did you try deleting your network and setting it up all over again?  Sometimes that helps after firmware updates. 

  • I have not. I’ll try that next 

  • Didn’t help 

  • Seems the updates, of which there are many, that began with support for Eero 6 have caused havoc in my quite stable network.  Original 3 Eero's will simply go red - only the non-primary ones; and these fail on alternate days.  Been making numerous phone calls to support who've had me do all kinds of things, including moving them about (thinking some may be too close to one another), swapping locations, etc.  Nothing seems to "fix" the issues.  Even lost the ability for my Macs to use "Remote Desktop" to one another. Wondering if I'm the only one seeing these things happening with their old Eero's.  After unplugging and getting them plugged back into power the network seems to be fine.  But over time speeds drop and response time becomes erratic.  Gotta' believe this is firmware related.

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