Device list structure?

[Edit -- just posted to Feature Requests; sorry I didn't go there first!]

Hi - is there a way to "favorite" some devices, so they appear at the top of the device list in the mobile app? This would be very helpful to more readily see the gadgets we'd like to inspect a bit more regularly. Is this a possibility?

(When I say "favorite" I basically mean just for sorting and viewing purposes, not a device prioritization type feature that would bring higher QoS to some over others; while that would be great too, this request is just aesthetic.)

Also, is there a way to differentiate guest network gadgets from main gadgets? At the moment they appear to be intermingled (sorted alphabetically regardless of the network that the device is using). Maybe put the guests last?

Coming from the Velop platform, this experience is better by leaps and bounds! Yet for how bad their device list performs, they do split out the guest devices as a second list below the main network list (once small nice thing).


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