How-to: Feedback & discussion

Welcome to the Feedback & discussion portion of the eero community! This is your place to post any topics or feedback you may have about eero. We are excited to hear what you have to say, as well as engaging with you on various topics. Please note that we don't discuss future plans.

To get started, visit the topic page and tap Post a Topic. You will need to include a topic and the content of the post.

Featured: This means it is a featured response. This doesn't mean it is an answer, but it is either something we enjoy or the community stands behind.

Answer: If a post is marked as Answer, it means we have regarded it as a response that we approve of. 

Official Response: If you see a post marked as Official Response, it means it is a post from someone within eero and we have deemed it our official stance on the topic.

If you have more questions regarding eero, please make sure you visit our Question & Answers section.

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