Speed problems with beacons

We have used the eero system for a few months and have recently expanded to cover our 6500 sq ft office space (about 25 users and about 100 devices) with the following setup:

4x eero (two gen1 and two gen2)

2x beacons (gen2)

All the firmware is up to date and we use the eeros all in bridged mode as we have a firewall that leads to our internet connection.

The 3 of the 4 eeros are wired backhaul, one (gen2) is wireless mesh and, of course the beacons are wireless mesh.


Here's the problem.  From time to time, the ping response times will rise quite high on the 3 mesh devices and then the wifi becomes unusable -- the users who rely on the mesh are then reporting the wifi down.

I've recently changed the config removing the 2 beacons and placing the 4th eero wired in range of the mesh users area.  When I did that -- the wifi speed doubled and things became stable.


Is there any rhyme or reason to this experience?

I also feel like 4 eero devices isn't quite enough for the 100 or so wifi devices. Ideas?

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  • probably mixing gen 1 and gen 2 causing  some random issues, at least that would be my guess

  • There shouldn't be a problem mixing gen 1/gen 2. The 100 devices is where I think the problem lies and adding more eeros probably isn't the solution. Are one or two of the eeros handling the majority of the devices? I think you would be best served by reaching out to eero support so they can do some troubleshooting.

    Frankly, I think you may need to look into getting a more robust system designed for business use--like Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti.

  • I've got over 90 devices and my 3 2nd gen eeros and 2 beacons seems to handle it well...

    • txgunlover Are all 3 eeros wired?   I had one wireless and I think that might have been my problem. Things seem much better using just 4 wired eeros.  I may reintroduce my beacons once thing prove to be OK. If they don't and things go to crap again.  I'll probably bail out and get a cisco.

    • txgunlover  Is yours a home or business environment? While I could be wrong, I suspect there are some substantial differences in how your 90 devices are being used than the 100 devices that  jeffnewton  has in his business environment. A biz network is usually going to be more demanding on a network because of the higher number of devices that are constantly using the network (like a laptop) as opposed to a home network which may have a bunch of devices (IoT, etc) but they aren't actually transmitting data very often.

    • cMoo92 You are absolutely correct.  Mine is a home environment, including about ~10 1080p cameras that are recording to a local NAS 24/7 and we're a cord cutting family of 4.  So not the same as 90 devices being used at a business.  At most, beyond the 10 cameras, we all might be streaming HULU or something at the same time, but that would be about it, along with the server using crashplan at the same time.

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